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Unique nature, the wide open sea and a special attitude of life unify to an extraordinary symbiosis and create one of the nicest islands of Europe - our Majorca.


For that reason Majorca has always confirmed its constancy and its robust value even in times of international and economic crisis.

Owning or renting a property on Majorca is no longer just a way of living your own personal dream, it also represents a good intelligent investment decision on the basis of secure long-term assests.

Each person has certain preferences, wishes and dreams. Place your trust in us and give us an idea about the way you would like to live. We will glady assist you in making your dream come true.The key to happiness, where you can feel comfortable and free or be able to relax or rediscover your sense of creativity is lying in front of you.

Whether renting or buying, as a professioal real estate agency the team of MyHomeMallorca will be available to help and support you before, during and after your important decision to your dream home. We would like to offer you our core competence, our comprehensive market expertise of our experienced consultants as well as our comprehensive after-sales service.

A strong team of lawyers, accountants and financial professionals will assist you in the purchase process.

Look forward to what lies ahead.
We take you on the right path and bring you home safely and competently.


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