Smok R Kiss Review

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Smok R Kiss Review

Beitragvon shisha23 » Mi 3. Jun 2020, 06:24

Smok are back with the affectionately named Smok R Kiss Review.  But creates this change kit give a long lasting romance or even a one night stand?

Smok are most definitely back after their hiatus and pursuing the E-Priv and Species mods, has come the R-Kiss kit.  However this kit comes with a difference, something helps it be be noticeable a lot through the rest, its simplicity.  The Kiss is short for Keep it Simple Stupid and it's also that motto that has created something rather unique with this era of vaping.  With that aim along with a decreased asking price, have Smok really show up tops with this particular device or can it get lost in the possibility sea of other smok devices which will be released within the coming months?  Before us into that, we will have the details first.


About the Smok R-Kiss
The R-Kiss was created to function as smallest dual 18650 devices that you can buy.  The kit comes while using R-Kiss mod and the Smok TFV Mini V2 tank as standard.  The R-Kiss can be a small dual 18650 battery model to arrive for just around 78mm tall.  The mod features a side fire button, right hand standard and two small navigation buttons for the front.  The device has a bottom battery hinge door which slides into place to lock.  It has a lovely clear display set on the black background showing wattage, dual battery indicators, ohms, second’s vaped and volts using the different colour modes inside the top left hand side.  It has an usb port on the bottom for usb charging (not suggested) and firmware upgrades. The mod despite its small size can fit a different mm on top regarding atomiser prior to starting to look into overhang territory.  It is available in a selection of 7 colours with the tank matching the colour scheme also.  The main thing to point out is the deficiency of a menu system, with just one power mode, variable wattage.  There isn't any pre heat, no temperature control or menu system of any type.  To change the color of the numbers on screen you own both the navigation buttons down and then click the hearth button to rotate from the few options displayed.

R-Kiss Kit Pros
The R-Kiss is small, small for the purpose it genuinely delivers which is a major surprise.  There are other small mods on the market such as this in similar size but this is able to avoid using plastic body design and will come in metallic throughout instead.  This I think is often a very sensible choice by smok since it does at on the weight in the mod also it feels more solid inside hand in comparison with others.  With the look being so small, it means they can fit into the hand quite comfortably along with the side fire bar is an additional good addition which contributes towards the comfort in the device.  The simplistic operation of the mod is yet another thing to have and to boost the comfort makes a lovely change from the normal 101 different menu options that you receive on the market.  The concept that this gadget is meant to be a pick-up and go, quite simple devices works really well and there is no adjusting whatsoever, set your power and vape away. The screen being very simplistic is another great addition for me, it displays quite information while using wattage level dominating the display with lots of black background also surrounding it, again tying into the simplistic feel from the device.  The buttons feel nice and solid along with the fire bar on the side only fires from your top part leaving the underside liberal to hold when carrying, another great addition in order to avoid mis fires.

The TFV mini V2 tank is in fact a good nice tank packaged using the kit.  I am not familiar with the V1 with the tank though the V2 simple delivers a standard smok tank experience opting for power over flavour.  The coils do radiate a nice flavour it needs to be said, and a lot of vapour production and also you would expect from smok.  Coil our life is pretty standard at around fourteen days nevertheless the flavour does remain inside mouth after vaping, which is often a sign that Smok have improved the flavors deliverance from previous tanks/coils.  The top fill while using button release is secure unsurprisingly that it is without having accidental openings while using press and swing approach to reveal the top fill hole.  Additionally the capacity of 5mil out from the box for your standard version is yet another great addition remembers, plenty of liquid storage.

Now I will start by saying any device called keep it simplistic stupid is rarely an excellent name.  I comprehend it is an abbreviation but to boost the comfort I am not hot for it.  However the kit is pleasantly good!  The mod is useful aside in the rare glitch, it's comfortable, and absolutely nothing to get lost in with no menu systems as well as the device is small.  Honestly, Smok could be onto a winner here, which has a simple reasonably priced device that offers the high powered vaping at the top of it.  This isn’t going to attract anyone who wants control from their vape or who vape in TC however for an easy kit for somebody who doesn’t want something complicated this is perfect.   The coils for the mini V2 give good flavour and saturate quickly so there isn't any dry hits and I never have found any need to adjust power compared towards the dual mesh for your mesh tank.  All in all the R-Kiss can be a great little kit and well worth buying.

If you want something basic and need to just vape, you would be stupid to not make it simple with all the Smok R Kiss Review.


The Smok R Kiss Review is really a compact 200w dual 18650 battery device that is capable to push some serious power without taking up an excessive amount of pocket space. With a clear as well as simple to reed screen and navigation buttons, using the Smok R Kiss Review is familiar and convenient. With a side firing button the mod includes a ergonomic feel and a fairly easy squeeze of the hand will fire it.   Coupled using the TFV Mini tank, this gadget will deliver a fantastic vape experience, great flavor and impressive cloud production. The TFV uses two new coils, the Mini A2 V1 is really a large bore coil using a mesh coil, that offers fast heating and great taste. The Mini A2 V2 has two holes plus a cobra mesh to supply better air flow and dense vapor.


Improved User Interface and Controls
200W Max output
Takes x2 18650 Batteries (Not Included)
Compact Design
Large Screen
2ml Capacity
Large Airflow
Top Fill Tank Design
Package Contents;

1 x Smok R-Kiss 200W Mod
1 x TFV Mini V2 Tank
1 x Mini V2 A1 0.17ohm Single Coil (Pre-Installed)
1 x Mini V2 A2 0.2 ohm Dual Coils
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1x Accessory Bag
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Re: Smok R Kiss Review

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