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Mods Vape UK

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Mods are vape devices that house batteries and may be employed to control the way you experience vaping. There’s from small single button devices for newer users, all the way to the big Sub ohm Tanks UK devices for creating big clouds. Using the buttons below will help you explore the plethora of globally recognised brands and their products.

There is a massive choice of power supplies for every single kind of vaper. Batteries (Mods) are available with either fixed or replaceable battery cells inside.

Those with fixed internal batteries inside cannot be replaced. When they break you simply must replace the complete unit. Other options which enable you to alter the internal battery (typically might know about call an 18650 cell) provde the freedom to exchange the cell once it fades away.


We offer comprehensive safety advice to everyone our customers in connection with proper handling, maintenance and storage of batteries. Read our guide here, or consult with us. If you need any advice or have concerns where battery to pick, remember to not hesitate to penetrate touch around.

Vaping is now an extremely common alternative to the old-fashioned cigarette for individuals that desire to break the habit for good. Many people agree that vaporising isn’t simply a healthier supply of your “fix,” it’s another good solution for many who wish to give up smoking altogether. Now that the conventional vaporiser has hit the mainstream, everyone is start to seek out solutions to own one by seeking out the most effective Mods Vape UK provides.

Vaping is clearly a fast-moving industry today, with sales increasing annually. Even as challenges carry on and emerge in how that nicotine and also other similar substances can be distributed, the vaping trend persists that gives people an easier way to control their addictions.

As the hardware continues to advance, people switching from smoking to vaping start to find out new ways to access a smoother, increased amounts of satisfaction experience using their e cigarettes. To help you optimise your experience, we’ve listed our top 7 Mods Vape UK, to offer an introduction to essentially the most impressive mods the market industry is offering.

Mods Vape UK produce more vapor than standard vape pens, that enables to have an improved throat hit and stronger juice flavour. The two major differences between vape pens and box mods include the size and strength. Vape mods tend to be bigger than vape pens. Mods are vaping devices that house batteries and can be used to manage how you experience vaping. There’s anything from smaller single-button devices for newer users, all the way to the larger sub-ohm devices for creating big clouds using a high VG ratio of e-liquid.

What is really a Box Mod:

A Box Mod is often a regulated box-shaped e-cigarette device which typically uses one or two li-ion batteries plus a chip to control voltage. The Box Mod is fast-becoming essentially the most popular kind of advanced personal vapourizer, with a few dubbing them the 'smartphone' of the industry.

The Box Mod traditionally delivered the same power as regular 'pen' (aka eGo) kits, (albeit with vastly superior life of the battery), but in recent times the ability creation of these units far outstrips anything a regular e-cigarette can offer.

E-Cig Mods:

A vape mod is really a modified version of an e-cigarette boasting higher technology and customarily offering a selection of customisable settings. Usually the term "box mod" refers to the hardware, but you can also get mods combined with tanks.

Why buy a Vape Mod?

The Mod originally took place as an substitute for vape pens and cigarette-style vape kits. These smaller style vapourizers (also known as cigalikes or 'Generation 1 Ecigs') did a job to a point, but users found themselves wanting longer battery life, larger vapour production plus an overall greater performance. This is where vaping mods came in.

Basically, the very first e-cig mods were home-made by vaping enthusiasts, and were only available in all shapes and sizes, but generally larger compared to cigarette-style batteries. Noticing the popularity, a few of the larger e-cigarette manufacturers began producing safer (ie non-home-made) versions in the mod, many of which are getting to be household names from the e-cigarette community.

Types of Box Mod and Mod:

As you can imagine, from a trend that has been born from your home-made approach, there are many, various sorts of box mod. The general themes and designs are almost limitless. However, the vape mod category is normally split up into 2 types: mechanical mods and advanced personal vapourizers. Once again, each of these two categories usually also comes in two sorts: box mods, or tube-style mods.

Here you'll find the most recent box mods like the Smok Alien Kit as well as the Innokin Proton Plex Kit. If you're looking for a sub-ohm tank to pair along with your new mod, have you thought about the popular Aspire Revvo Tank?

Our Box Mod range comes with warranties all the way to six months* and is sold with free UK delivery whenever you spend over £10.

*please check FAQs on the relevant product page to view the warranty our company offers on everyone product.
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Re: Mods Vape UK

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