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KiK E Liquid

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Founded by enthusiastic vapers, KiK E Liquid can be British smokeless cigarette brand offering juices which impress using their superior quality, diverse flavours and pleasing price tags. The KiK E liquid team were chasing great flavour and also amazing clouds! On the basis that when you desire something done right, you want to do it yourself, they started mixing their own juice to ensure there was clearly nothing can beat a KiK vape cloud!

Now boasting circumstances in the art liquid lab in Manchester, KiK vape goes from strength to strength. The team has been determined to maintain complete treatments for the quality of many therefore every facet of production is kept in-house. These guys attempt to produce the best e liquids and remain incredibly excited about the things they're doing.

KiK will be the no-nonsense, best-selling, premium vaping brand from Supreme. Every bottle of Kik E Liquid customers purchase has been formulated, tested and bottled by our personal specialist team, allowing us in order to each bottle from start to finish of production. The high-quality e-liquid is made in our state from the art Vape Nation lab throughout Manchester.


KiK Elite E-Liquids
Kik E Liquid is manufactured entirely in the UK and is also a completely massive selection of over 80 individual flavours! KiK state that all from the flavours are manufactured from 100% organic ingredients and their nicotine is extracted directly from nicotine plants to offer an intensely satisfying throat hit. The juice comes in 10ml PET bottles and six different nicotine strength option is available; 24mg, 20mg, 16mg, 11mg, 6mg and 0mg.

The bottles are nicely presented featuring neat and colorful labels with clear warning information shown. All from the bottles feature child proof top caps where you can needle tip to make filling any atomizer simple. In addition the bottles come nicely packaged in protective cardboard boxes which feature a similar design since the labels. A warning leaflet can be within the box.

I cannot find any information regarding the amalgamation ratio but I assume these juices are all 50PG/50VG or 60PG/40VG considering that the juice flows easily which is not especially thick. Even though the range is quite extensive we simply received three different juices to review. I vaped seventy one flavours in a very Taifun GT III which can be currently fitted with a 1.0ohm coil wicked with Japanese cotton. I also tried them in my Hadaly RDA that is fitted using a 0.8ohm coil.

Energy Drink
This one is a sweet and very fruity energy drink flavour that tastes a bit like Red Bull. The various ingredients work nicely together and create a nicely balanced mix which is often enjoyed the whole day! Nothing regarding it tastes artificial or unpleasant so if you are keen on energy drinks you are going to certainly get on with it. The juice has decent enough vapour production considering a combination ratio used and also the throat hit in 6mg strength was medium when utilizing it in a tank and medium to strong when used inside a dripper.

Super Bubblegum
If you've read some of my other E-Liquid reviews you will know that I absolutely hate bubblegum so I am certainly not unbiased with regards to reviewing this flavour. From my point of view this does indeed taste like real bubblegum so I am not just a fan at all however the artificial taste from the gum is sort of lessened for me by the inclusion of a various fruity flavours which by themself are actually rather nice. For anyone around who loves bubblegum I am sure you'll really like this flavour as it tastes exactly like how it is designed to represent and despite my personal loathing it is very well mixed. Vapour production was good but typical of the mix ratio used. The throat hit in 6mg strength was mild when used inside a tank and medium when used in the dripper.

Tobacco Blend
In a number of ways this specific E-Liquid tastes like an American style RY4 tobacco. The tobacco is very strong and distinct this also is balanced with some sweetness and a slight hint of nuttiness. When using it in the dripper the flavors did seem a lttle bit artificial in my opinion and I actually preferred it in a very tank where it was not as noticeable. At the end of the day this is often a decent enough tobacco flavour if you’re on a budget and might be great enough if you've got just quit smoking but I do feel you will find greater tobacco E-Liquids on the market that you might choose from instead.

Vapour production was good but typical in the mix ratio used. Throat hit was medium when utilizing this liquid in a tank and medium to strong when used in the dripper.

Since this E-Liquid is very extensive there are plenty of other flavours for you to try which means this small selection I have reviewed here should only really function as basic guide. Out the three flavours sent for review I thought the Energy Drink and the Super Bubblegum (though I am not just a fan) were very accurate in what we were holding looking to represent and you ought to certainly access it well with these providing either of these two flavours appeal to you. The tobacco was acceptable but I may be pretty choosy in relation to tobacco E-Liquids so it may be okay if you are not as particular as me.

One thing to be aware of is this fact juice is very reasonably priced at £3.95 for a 10ml bottle and KiK have a four bottles for £10 deal on their site.

Many thanks to KiK who sent these E-Liquids to Planet in the Vapes for individuals to check. If you would like to buy some of these three flavours or take a look at some from the others you can use them straight from KiK.

Kik E Liquid state that their secret weapon is Nardin, a Chemist who will be the brains behind the flavours. It is Nardin who mixes the flavourings to master the flavour of the juice. Only when she gets nailed the flavors and the team have tested it, does production of a full batch begin. Batches are tested while using the latest hi-tech equipment and therefore are then bottled on your vaping pleasure. A Kik E Liquid vape is really a well-tested vape!

The KiK E-Liquid collection offers over 80 individual flavours and it is one of the UK’s most recognised e-cigarette brands.

KiK is a British e-cigarette company with headquarters in Manchester. They produce all the hardware you can need for a great vaping experience though the KiK E-Liquid range is universal and can be enjoyed with any pen-style e-liquid kit.

The company was founded in 2013 and is also owned from the larger company Supreme Imports. They have been advertised on TV which has helped them be a household name in comparison with other e-cig and e-liquid companies. All Kik E Liquid is pharmaceutical grade and the company prides itself on quality and also sheer volume of e-liquid flavours.

The full range of KiK E-Liquid is versatile. Each flavour is made using only 100% organic ingredients and the nicotine used is extracted straight from plants to be sure the deep, satisfying throat hit we all like.

The KiK E-Liquid range contains a huge number of flavours. They stand in the market for the numerous models of similar flavours they offer. For example, they have got several lines of tobacco flavoured e-liquids, all using own unique character. This helps to ensure that every type of tobacco smoke can discover an e-liquid that meets them. The tobacco range includes flavours like USA Red Tobacco and Gold & Silver Tobacco.

The wider variety of flavours branches out into other popular areas, including classic menthol with the Menthol Sensation flavour. They also have even more original and quirky offering including the fizzy and sweet Cola flavoured e-liquid.

KiK has become one with the standard bearers for your e-cigarette industry in the UK so they have amassed an enormous following. Their flavours are renowned because of their authentic taste, especially the menthol and tobacco flavours and fans also love the simple fact they could take pleasure in the liquids with both KiK hardware and other e-cigarette kits.

The versatility offered with the KiK E-Liquid collection also covers the nicotine levels. Vapers can choose between 0mg, 6mg, 11mg, 16mg, 20mg and 24mg. This allows you to tailor your KiK vape for your personal preferences.
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