Where is prostitution legal?

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Where is prostitution legal?

Beitragvon jadenSmith22 » Do 4. Jul 2019, 21:01

Where is prostitution legal?
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Re: Where is prostitution legal?

Beitragvon Lielkaleya » Sa 6. Jul 2019, 12:07

Many countries where Escort is an absolutely legal business. For example, in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, England. Recently I was in Singapore escort there is also legal. I called for myself an Asian girl from this site escortsitesingapore.com. It was very exotic. Before that, I have never had sex with an Asian girl.
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Beitragvon kittu01 » Do 9. Jul 2020, 21:49

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Beitragvon kittu01 » Do 9. Jul 2020, 21:50

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Re: Where is prostitution legal?

Beitragvon Anonymouse » Do 9. Jul 2020, 22:42

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Beitragvon Andrew Smith » Mi 10. Nov 2021, 06:49

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