Man City mocked for their tribute to injured Benjamin Mendy

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Man City mocked for their tribute to injured Benjamin Mendy

Beitragvon Son sovan » Sa 14. Okt 2017, 15:52

Benjamin Mendy was absent from today’s SBOBET Premier League game between Manchester City and Stoke City. But there’s no need to pray for his immortal soul. It’s only a temporary absence from the beautiful game – Mendy is simply injured.
Let’s not play down the seriousness of a knee ligament injury, he might not play for the rest of the season.
That’s bound to have him feeling quite low. So to raise his spirits, his City teammates paid tribute to their injured brother before kick-off against The Potters. That was sweet and thoughtful, wasn’t it? Apparently not.
Twitter once again deemed this kind of tribute to be over the top. The players warmed up wearing the number 22 shirt with Mendy on their backs. On the front of the shirt, it said Shark Team after a hashtag. A private joke? SBOBET
Whatever it means, it’s clear that this trend of memorialising injured players is a joke. The only question is whether City are in on it. Is it a self-aware parody of modern football or just a new low that we’ve hit?
Self-aware City?
The Yaya Toure cake fiasco from a few years back has been referenced over the years by City. They like to joke about it. Perhaps this is just an extension of that kind of joke. Twitter didn’t find it funny, that’s for sure. SBOBET
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