Roadrunner email server

Roadrunner email server

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Some email servers are being used to set up and send and receive an email like the IMAP server and POP3 server, there are server settings of these servers using them you can set up your roadrunner email.
1. If you are using your roadrunner email on an i-map server then please put these server settings.
2. For incoming mail server: -
For outgoing mail
3. Port numbers for the incoming mail server are is:-993
Port number for outgoing mail server is:-465 with SSL or 586 with STARTLS
4. If you are using roadrunner on the pop3 mail server please put these server settings.
5. For incoming mail server:-
For outgoing mail
6. Port numbers for incoming mail server is:-995
Port number for outgoing server is:-465 with SSL
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