Projects Owned by WordPress Parent Company Automatic

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Projects Owned by WordPress Parent Company Automatic

Beitragvon Robinpiter » Mo 12. Okt 2020, 11:17

Are you using the WordPress platform for your website? If yes then there are chances that you have wondered who is behind this amazing website builder? Among the beginners this always has been a very common question. Here is the answer for you. Automattic is the parent company of WordPress. And it is one of the biggest web development corporations. This was founded by Matt Mullenweg. In 2005 they gave us this amazing website builder WordPress.
WordPress is an open source platform which means anyone can see the code. And everyone can also make some contribution to the software in order to improve it also. The WordPress community is made up of thousands of developers, designers etc. And all of them work constantly to make the software even better.
At this point it is also very obvious for you to think what are the other projects WordPress Parent Company Automattic has. Here is the answer for you. Some of those projects are mentioned below: VIP
Do you have any queries about any of these projects? If yes then this is the time to get some professional assistance. And if you are not sure where you can go to take that help then do not stress yourself. You just need to contact us. You can call us on 1-888-3O8-852O and we are available 24x7. And you will get all the required assistance. | 504 gateway timeout | error 504 gateway timeout | what does 504 gateway timeout mean | 502 Bad Gateway Error | error 502 bad gateway
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