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Pockex Coils

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von shisha23
The Pockex Coils uses U-tech coil technology, made to ensure a better vaping experience. There are 2 coil resistances; the 0.6ohm 316L stainless-steel coil is useful for both flavour and vapour production, even though the 1.2ohm Kanthal coil is an ideal choice in case you prefer high nicotine e-liquid.

About Aspire PockeX Coils
Pockex Coils replacement heads by Aspire employ "U-Tech", an evolution in coil technology that allows for increased flavour and vapour production while reducing leakage.

"U-Tech" technology works from the vapour flowing through the u-shaped chamber with the coil, which suggests it passes twice on the Kanthal coils before being inhaled. This new and innovative airflow performance’s what delivered that flavour boost and vapour production increase, developing a as pleasing vape overall.


Aspire Pockex Coils are designed especially for use with the PockeX AIO Kit.

Like all Aspire coils, these PockeX coils have a great quality and guarantee reduced vaping experience. 

Featuring Aspire's innovative U-Tech concept, the Pockex Coils force air traveling through a "U" shaped chamber to have an a lot more saturated vapor than previous coil designs. Wicked with organic cotton, besides the stainless-steel heating wire, these coils are made to ensure unrivaled flavor inside the everything in one device, the PockeX. The Aspire Pockex Coils to the PockeX AIO Vape take advantage of their innovative U-Tech Coil Technology by diverting the flow of air inside coil head causing it to pass through the coil twice before you make its way to your unsuspecting palette. The result of this double-pass is superbly dense vapor and unparalleled flavor rolling around in its class. At a recommended operational range of 18 to 23 watts, these Aspire Pockex Coils, made from SS316L, are particularly mouth-to-lung-friendly; providing an excellent, familiar, flavor-focused draw for that beginner, expert, and everyone in between. They are also compatible using the Aspire Nautilus X tank in the event you're looking for some lower ohms to select your Nautilus.

The Aspire PockeX replacement coils are created for use with all the Aspire PockeX Vape Starter Kit. There are two versions of the coil available, one for Direct to Lung vaping and one for Mouth to Lung vaping.


Aspire Replacement Coils
MTL & DTL versions available
Compatible with good PG & high VG e-liquids
If you have been looking to have larger clouds, then we'd recommend with all the 0.6 Ohm Pockex Coils. When used rich in VG e-liquid that's 60% VG or maybe more, you'll experience large clouds and clear flavour.

One another hand, new vapers and those who prefer discreet degrees of cloud will prefer the 1.2 Ohm PockeX coil. We recommend pairing this coil with a high PG e-liquid, that's 50% PG or older.


5 x Aspire PockeX Vape Coils
Important information regarding Sub Ohm Vaping:

Any coil that registers below 1.0 Ohm, works as a sub ohm coil. Recommended for advanced vapers only, they'll require more capacity to use properly that is given by a high level vape kit.

With these coils larger levels of vapour is going to be created, to support this we recommend you use e-liquids which might be 60% VG or more. Due to the larger amounts of vapour that is created, we advise that you cannot use an e-liquid containing higher than 6mg nicotine strength.

Safety Notice
This is a dedicated coil on an all-in-one kit, but simply in case there are other separate tank options within the future, or you utilize the coil in another tank, be aware that sub-Ohm tanks and coils should be used by experienced and knowledgeable users as additional safety precautions have to be practiced when you use these products. These products have to work on a mod/battery capable of firing at sub-Ohm resistances. So, by way of example, if you have a 0.5 Ohm coil within your tank, your mod/battery have to be able to firing at 0.5 Ohm resistance, or lower. You also should ensure your device can cope while using amps. Improper use can lead to physical injury and damaged equipment.

Re: Pockex Coils

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von YLX-Cathy
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