Rashford reveals shocking injury at Old Trafford

Rashford reveals shocking injury at Old Trafford

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Marcus Rashford has just confirmed, the Premier League battled a shoulder injury for nearly a year before surgery in the summer.
The 23-year-old player has played a total of 64 separate matches for MU as well as the Premier League team in the 2020/21 season 90ptv
Most of that time, Rashford had to bite his teeth in battle with the shoulder injury he encountered in September 2020.
It was not until last August that the Premier League striker officially went to the operating table to completely solve the problem with his shoulder.
Rashford has now returned to training with the whole team and has just fought 60 minutes in Man U's internal training match against Blackburn (scoring twice).
Premier League excitedly shared in front of the media: "The recovery process is not complete yet because I still need a deadline to improve my fitness vegas79
However, now I am in a much lower physical and mental state than before.
Last year was a very high season for individuals. I injured my shoulder around September 2020 and the situation is getting worse day by day. It's nice to be out of that now."
It is expected that Rashford will have his name on the list of registrations for a trip to Leicester this weekend. However, Solskjaer will not risk placing England in the main kick.
Instead, Marcus Rashford can be dropped on the bench and gradually regain the feeling of peak competition after the height period is absent.
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